The Harmony of the Spheres

Ancient people likened the movement of the planets to music; the 'Harmony of the Spheres.' Each one of us have our own personal manifestation of this musical harmony. Recognition and acceptance of this can lead us to greater self acceptance, awareness, understanding, and compassion for ourselves and others.

Readings can be general in nature or focused on the areas of life that are of the most importance to you at the present time. For example: career, family, finances or relationship issues. Evelyn Roberts does readings for couples, business partners, parent/child, new-born babies, children and adolescents.


"First, Evelyn's reading was profound - different from the other two times an astrologer did my chart. Her degree of preparation, of thought, is so substantial. The more questions I asked her the more she revealed how deeply she had probed, in turn revealing how deeply she has been educated. Two qualifications from two schools becomes apparent and breeds confidence.


Second, Evelyn is deeply intuitive so her interpretive thinking, and feeling, goes to surprising places. This, as it unfolded in the session, brought out amazing insights into my own life and nature. The interaction becomes richer. Astrologers should be accountable, both for value and for expertise, Evelyn has an abundance of both." 
~ M. Armour, Artist and Author, Carpinteria, California

"Originally I went to Evelyn Roberts to better understand my astrological chart. I had only a cursory understanding of astrology but I was fascinated by the relationship of recent events in my life and how those events were manifested in my chart. Evelyn so proved herself to be a deep psychological and spiritual guide that her advice and counsel has become a pivotal part of my plans and thoughts and strategies. As a successful business person I immediately think of how new information can be applicable to my business and general work in the world.


This past year I have introduced Evelyn into my company. She has advised all of the senior and junior members of our team during a time of great growth and dynamic change. In addition we have sought her advice on the future of the business on the relationships within the group and our combined and collective place in the business environment. In all of these matters we are increasingly convinced of her invaluable perspective and keen sense of what works in relationships. She has become an integral part of our formula for success, internally and externally in the business community." 
~ B. McMorrow, CEO and Company President Los Angeles, California