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I was born in Aberdeen, Scotland and grew up in various parts of Great Britain and Europe. Until the age of 25 I had never lived in any one place for more than 3 years, hence my endlessly nomadic spirit.

My first love was art, and I attended art colleges in Shrewsbury and Canterbury, England, specializing in Fine Art and Textile Design. At 21 I made a serious sojourn out into the world; the circumstances surrounding this quest were colourful and complex.

I hitch-hiked through Europe as far as Turkey, stopping in the Greek Isles for 3 months, then spent 6 months in Israel. By a highly circuitous route I ended up in Toronto, Canada on New Years Eve 1974. From there I traveled all through the US, and then spent 5 months in Mexico.

Eventually life took me back to the USA and to California where I met the father of my 2 children in Santa Barbara. When my children were 3 and 5 I became a single mother, and moved to a sleepy little village in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley on the Central Coast of California.

Astrology has been a lifelong passion, but more of a hobby pursued like an obsession until the beginning of the 90's. I don't remember a time in my life when I wasn't fascinated by it. Travel has been just as strong a passion, and even while raising 2 children alone, I travelled twice to India, to Costa Rica, Peru and several times back to England and Mexico.


When my children grew up and left home I was able to get more serious about travelling, and on a 5 month tour of South America in 1996, I was in the Bolivian jungle when I had the clear realisation that I wanted to study astrology formally. I headed back to the US, started researching my options, and found myself most drawn to Liz Greene's school in London, The Centre for Psychological Astrology. So in September of 1997 I packed up some clothes and my lap-top and hopped on a plane. The CPA is a three year programme, but considering the debt I was anticipating I endeavoured to complete the course in two years. All well and good, until I realised that I also wanted to acquire the Diploma from the Faculty of Astrological Studies, another excellent school, and also a three year program, but I still needed to do it all in two years. And I did.

The CPA is psychological in approach and hugely diversified because of the different tutors and philosophies students are exposed to, it provides an environment that encourages the student to be creative in their thinking and approach. The FAS is more formal in approach, and teaches the basics from Astronomy, math and history, to techniques, from traditional to modern. These two schools compliment each other beautifully, and I found it to be exactly what I wanted.

It was an intense and gruelling two years, but rewarding beyond measure. To help support myself I did readings, and also worked on an Astrology hot-line, the latter being a challenging way of being thrown into a metaphorical astrological lion's den. I learned very quickly to think on my feet, and from that standpoint it was an invaluable experience.


I then found myself back in California, I began teaching weekly classes, and this was an excellent way of keep my own skills honed as well as creating a community of like-minded souls. I also began to host seminars for visiting astrologers, and had Lynn Bell and Darby Costello from the CPA in London as well as many other speakers. From the success of these seminars I developed some long range aspirations to put together other astrological workshops, possibly in different parts of the world.


In April 2003 I flew to Malta and joined a group of Brits as part of the crew of a 65 foot sailing ketch. I loved every minute of it, storms and all. We took the boat to the United Kingdom via Majorca, Gibraltar, Portugal and Guernsey. It was spectacular, and since then I have been on another sailing adventure down the west coast of Scotland to the Isle of Man and Wales.

All this all took place while Neptune transited my Aquarian Sun, and not only that, the boat was named 'Aquarius'. You could not make this stuff up! I was gone a total of 5 months and then returned to CA and resumed my life there for 8 months before my next sojourn.

Bali has always called to me, so on June 1st 2004 with an around-the-world ticket in hand, off I went. I spent 2 months in the town of Ubud in the foothills, I rented a house in the rice-fields, managed to set up my computer and started doing readings from there. It instantly became a 2nd home for me, I fell completely in love with the people, the lifestyle and the beauty of the island.

Now here it is 2022. I spent 17 wonderful years travelling all of Asia, with Bali as my main base. I was especially lucky to spend most of the Covid lockdown in the most idyllic location between the rice fields and the jungle. I believed I would spend the rest of my life there. However, life is nothing if not unpredictable, and I am currently back in the USA, at a brand new crossroads with no clear horizons ahead (yet). My life in Bali ended rather abruptly (read my "Betrayals" post in my blog for that whole story).


I currently have no idea where the winds of change will blow me, but let the adventure begin…

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