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"What's your sign?" 

When asked this question, most people will answer with their Sun sign. But, while our Sun sign is highly significant, we are all far more complex than that. Our Moon and Ascendant signs in particular determine a great deal about us and our astrological chart, as do all the other planets.

Every individual’s chart is like a tapestry, with its own distinct patterns. The work of the astrologer is to pull together all those various threads in a cohesive and insightful manner that can be of use to the client.



March 21 - April 19

Symbol: The Ram ~ Element: Fire ~ Ruler: Mars


I AM ~ Arian types tend to be warm, courageous, adventurous, competitive, eager, pioneering, frank, dynamic and energetic. They can also under certain instances be willful, impulsive, brusque, domineering, self-centered, volatile, provocative, impractical and impatient. 

It is the sign of INDEPENDENCE and EMERGENCE. 



April 20 - May 20

Symbol: The Bull ~ Element: Earth ~ Ruler: Venus


I HAVE ~ Taurean types tend to be down to earth, easy-going, affectionate, stable, dependable, loyal, devoted, practical, artistic, instinctual and sensual. They can also under certain circumstances be possessive, unchanging, stubborn, materialistic, greedy, slow, conservative, pleasure-seeking and self-indulgent. 




May 21 - June 21

Symbol: The Twins ~ Element: Air ~ Ruler: Mercury


I THINK ~ Gemini types tend to be witty, articulate, rational, expressive, curious, lively, intellectual, multi-faceted, versatile, inventive, sociable, dexterous and bright. They can also under certain circumstances be superficial, cunning, crafty, scheming, verbose, restless, flighty, tricky and two-faced. 




June 22 - July 22

Symbol: The Crab ~ Element: Water ~ Ruler: The Moon


I FEEL ~ Cancerian types tend to be caring, sensitive, domestic, intuitive, compassionate, devoted, protective, traditional, patriotic, helpful and tenacious. They can also under certain circumstances be touchy, moody, brooding, manipulative, self-pitying, needy, suffocating, clannish, controlling and negative. 

It is the sign of BELONGING and NURTURANCE.



July 23 - August 22

Symbol: The Lion ~ Element: Fire ~ Ruler: The Sun


I WILL ~ Leonine types tend to be optimistic, loving, loyal, sincere, generous, playful, magnetic, heroic, dignified, affectionate, confident, magnanimous, romantic, fun-loving and idealistic. They can also under certain circumstances be proud, arrogant, extravagant, conceited, vain, over-bearing, patronising, self-dramatising, childish, pompous and pretentious. 

It is the sign of CREATIVITY and LEADERSHIP.



August 23 - September 22

Symbol: The Virgin ~ Element: Earth ~ Ruler: Mercury


I ANALYZE ~ Virgoan types tend to be practical, craftsmen, conscientious, fastidious, caring, humane, responsible, dedicated, efficient, thorough, modest, industrious, discriminating, analytical and precise. They can also under certain circumstances be critical, petty, servile, fussy, melancholy, nit-picking, self-effacing and stand-offish.

It is the sign of SERVICE and PERFECTIONISM.



September 23 - October 23

Symbol: The Scales ~ Element: Air ~ Ruler: Venus


I BALANCE ~ Libran types tend to be charming, just, pliable, artistic, agreeable, diplomatic, refined, co-operative, cultured, tactful, understanding, mediating and easy-going. They can also under certain circumstances be lazy, fickle, gullible, apathetic, suave, frivolous, indecisive, procrastinating and ambivalent 

It is the sign of RELATIONSHIP and BALANCE.



October 24 - November 21

Symbol: The Scorpion ~ Element: Water ~ Ruler: Pluto/Mars


I DESIRE ~ Scorpionic types tend to be motivated, purposeful, penetrating, perceptive, intense, deep, powerful, determined, profound, self-controlled, strong-willed, sexual, magnetic, insightful, healing and aware. They can also under certain circumstances be obsessive, suspicious, vengeful, jealous, morbid, vindictive, secretive, disdainful, exploitative, devious and cruel. 

It is the sign of INTIMACY and REGENERATION.



November 22 - December 21

Symbol: The Archer ~ Element: Fire ~ Ruler: Jupiter


I UNDERSTAND Sagittarian types tend to be inspirational, jovial, alert, cheerful, buoyant, ethical, big-hearted, philosophical, versatile, prophetic, far-sighted, broadminded, just, open-handed and expansive. They can also under certain circumstances be bombastic, inconsistent, extremist, pushy, careless, extravagant, over-enthusiastic, restless, exaggerative and blunt.

It is the sign of ASPIRATIONS and TRUTH-SEEKING.



December 22 - January 19

Symbol: The Goat ~ Element: Earth ~ Ruler: Saturn


I USE ~ Capricornian types tend to be disciplined, patient, hard-working, constructive, dependable, sober, serious, prudent, determined, practical, persevering, exacting, careful and steady. They can also under certain circumstances be austere, mean, unforgiving, calculating, inhibited, cantankerous, cold, snobbish, status-seeking, gloomy or fatalistic. 

It is the sign of AMBITION and ORDER.


January 20 - February 18
Symbol: The Waterbearer ~ Element: Air ~ Ruler: Saturn/Uranus


I KNOW ~ Aquarian types tend to be independent, inventive, truthful, liberal, open-minded, resolute, brotherly, unconventional, intellectual, humane, friendly and sincere. They can also under certain circumstances be impersonal, distant, rebellious, radical, awkward, disinterested, eccentric, pre-occupied, aloof, stubborn, dogmatic, tactless and perverse. 
It is the sign of REFORM and ORIGINALITY.



February 19 - March 20

Symbol:The Fish ~ Element: Water ~ Ruler: Jupiter/Neptune


I BELIEVE ~ Piscean types tend to be gentle, reflective, kind, self-sacrificing, dreamy, introspective, sympathetic, empathetic, imaginative, serene, intuitive, mediumistic and humble. They can also under certain circumstances be confused, martyr-like, addictive, gullible, spacey, impractical, escapist, timid, weak-willed, deceptive, evasive, emotionally inhibited, chaotic and impressionable. 

It is the sign of REDEMPTION and VISION.

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