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Horary readings use the horoscope of the exact moment when the astrologer fully understands the question being asked by the client. The energy of the question will be mirrored in the planetary positions at the time and location of the astrologer drawing up the chart. 
It is important to take at least 24 hours to thoroughly consider and fine tune your question. Be clear about the prime motive, and what is at the very heart of the need to know. The more honest and precise the intent, the more accurate the consultation will be. If your question involves another person, it is helpful to have their birth data also.
Horary astrology does not work for purposes of idle curiousity or entertainment.
There are other instances when a Horary chart cannot be read. This can either indicate that the time is not right to ask the question, or that the question itself lacks enough weight or clarity to adequately offer up an answer at the time. Should this happen, there will be the option of receiving a refund or rescheduling your reading.

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