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Hatching a Plan

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

July 2004

I only have 2 weeks left in Bali, and this is not particularly good news. My friend Symon says (no pun) 'if you fall in love with Bali, you fall in love forever', and I am officially in love... so I'm just going to have to get used to that long flight across the Pacific. I am no longer solo. My friend Pam was here for a week, and we power-vacationed (saw as many sites and ate in as many restaurants as physically possible in 7 days + had massages, facials and body scrubs practically every other hour). This was a brand new speed for me on this laid back island, but we had a blast. Now Mimi, Diane and Cindy are here. I rented the house next door to mine and a driver (who is now a friend also) so it is working out perfectly, and when I need to work they are in great hands. They are so easy and fun to be with, all ex-stewardesses so seasoned travellers. Only one has taken a dunk in the rice-field so far, I won't say who... but I still hold the record! Today we are going back to Alisari on the north coast of the Island. The plan I am ' hatching' is really taking form and I'm very excited about it. Two of my dear friends, (and favourite astrologers), have agreed to come here next year and do a workshop. I have a facility, it is gorgeous and also set in the middle of the rice fields. I'm looking at it as I type and a pair of white egrets are flying over it. So this could be the ticket; combining 2 of my passions beautifully, this paradise and those heavens! Who knows, it could turn into something more, maybe we really do get to create a life out of our dreams? And for those of you itching to know who, etc, etc. I'm just pulling it more together before I say. Hey, I like having a bit of a mysterious streak! And my treasure; I really haven't coveted much while here (says she with 45 gorgeous sarongs bursting her suit-case), but I did throw a wish out that something/one heard. Up on the north coast several weeks ago a female sperm whale got beached by a temple (one that I have seen from the ocean while out in an outrigger, another adventure!)... as the villagers managed to push it back to sea. The Balinese (in general) would never kill a whale, in fact saving it would been a huge blessing on their village. Apparently it was really sick and ended up dying further down the coast. Divers went out and collected the teeth (if you can imagine what a task that was). Anyway I wished for one of the teeth, and one came to me... in a very interesting synchronistic way. I have been told this is very powerful medicine not to be taken lightly, and I don't. Apparently in this part of the world they are highly coveted. I am wearing it around my neck, and will notice that sometimes a person will get riveted by it... never in a creepy wanting to steal it way, they want to now how it came to me, and I've been offered a lot of money (by Balinese standards) for it. I don't actually consider it mine, it is on it's way to someone else, but I am loving it while I have it. Plus it feels so connected to all the Neptunian themes in my life. I went to another Balinese temple ceremony at my local village last night, and realised that this place has truly seeped into my bones, the music, the spirituality, the colours and smells feel so familiar. Walking in the ceremonial parade I was getting deja vu chills all through my body. So I continue to be immersed in the magic, and it is literally everywhere... but I'm preparing to head for my homeland. I've had a slight change in plans. I will be in London visiting my dear friends there and then in Shrewsbury with Melanie and helping with her show, (she is wonderful muralist/artist who has a yearly display at a famous flower show). Then I head for Ireland to meet Bobbie and Ralph and do a little travelling. In reading about Ireland I have discovered it is not as it was when I was last there - meaning affordable! So because I want to keep travelling (comfortably) for a few more months, I have decided to spend just a couple of weeks in Blarney and then head for Poland and the Czech Republic. I have always wanted to see that part of the world, and I think it is easy to do by train, so that's the plan, at this moment in time at least!!

We returned from the north yesterday, and a couple of my friends were taken to a healer there, someone who does not accept payment and is known for his gifts. They had a very powerful experience with him, he pegged to the year a particular injury from long ago that is the source of what one of them is now dealing with. He will only see someone with a problem, so I didn't get to go (no comments from those of you who know me well. I just have to live with the problems I have!).They are going back up there in a couple of days... but so far the results look very good... and once more, knowledge of this person came to us in a very interesting way. And in the meantime I am appreciating every minute I have left here on this 'beautiful beyond words' island.


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