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In the Beginning...

Updated: Mar 14, 2022


I am a professional, consulting astrologer, workshop facilitator and organiser in Bali, Mexico, India and the UK. I am Scottish by birth and spend as much time as possible exploring the the world. I am impassioned about my life and work, and my main objective is to fully experience this particular incarnation on Planet Earth. Of all the kinds of lives people live, I got this one, I'm humbled and grateful every single day of my life by this amazing grace. I am by nature adventurous, optimistic, independent, fiery, quirky, opinionated, impatient, curious, stubborn, rather detached, and very much a recluse.

On June 1st 2004

With an around-the-world ticket in hand, I headed out to explore the world. I started in Bali and then continued on to London, Shrewsbury, Crete, the Czech Republic, and Poland. During my travels I sent e-mails home to my family and friends from time to time. letting them know where in the world I was. Many of them suggested that I put those e-mails somewhere to further share my experiences, so here they are…

I arrived in Bali yesterday, finally realising that I am now 15 (16?) hours ahead of the USA. I was a good 22 hours in transit, after having a wonderful time at the NORWAC conference in Seattle. It is 4:30 am and I'm up way before the sun. It rained a lot during the night, which was very soothing, but apparently at this time of year it doesn't rain during the day… pretty handy! My abode here exceeds anything I could have imagined. It is private and quiet, with lovely views. It is a not-so-little 2 storey bungalow with tile and wood floors and a bamboo gabled ceiling. Each floor has a 4 poster canopied king sized bed with mosquito netting (didn't even hear one of those critters yet, but I'm encouraging the lizards to move in... just in case they appear).

I have a little yard with a gate resplendently flanked by Hindu ghouls... keeping me protected I'm sure! A lovely spacious patio with recliner and dining table... + my own little pond right in front of it full of giant koi... a laughing buddha in the middle and water lilies. Those of you who know where I was living in the Valley will appreciate the synchronicity... the only thing I don't have is the redwoods, ducks, or of course the wonderful Karen. The bathroom is hand-crafted out of stone, and has water constantly coming through in channels from the rice paddies (which I am completely surrounded by), there are living plants in the walls... It's amazing!

The kitchen is very basic, which, considering my culinary aspirations, is not a problem. I am about 10 minutes walk from any semblance of a road, you meander up many steps, past little temples and homes on tiny, narrow pathways between the rice paddies to get here. My landlord Dirna is a shining, warm, kind man who never stops smiling, he lives very close by with his family, and is a really good artist. Many of his Gauguinesque paintings grace my walls. I think I'll be fine here... not that I think any of you are feeling sorry for me? As soon as the sun is up I'm going walkabout, it feels very safe but I don't want to begin this adventure up to my neck in a rice paddy, so I'll wait for the dawn. I am getting more cautious in my old age! I arrived in a jet-lagged daze yesterday afternoon so only had time to scurry out to buy a can of sardines and a towel before collapsing. But can't you guess... no can opener. The roosters are starting to crow so I'm off to have tea and begin my explorations!

It is many hours later... still haven't figured out my email. As I was sitting here in Paradise getting frustrated, a beautiful Balinese woman appeared to bless my house with incense and petals... mellowed me out very quickly. Ah, Bali. I've been taking amazing hikes and getting massages and body scrubs to die for. I'm actually spending most of my time alone. I am loving being around the Balinese where my house is, they have a simple joyfulness that is such a good reminder of how uncomplicated life can be. There are many places where I could meet other Westerners (but I ask myself why?) I think I'll stay in retreat for while longer.


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